Conservation accomplishments are made possible through partnerships with outside agencies that include:  Natural Resources Conservation Service, Hamlin County Farm Service Agency, SD Department of Ag Resource Conservation Forestry Division, SD Department of Environment and Natural Resources, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, SD Conservation Commission, East Dakota Water Development District, James River Water Development District, Ducks Unlimited, SD Game Fish and Parks, and Pheasants Forever.  These organizations work with the conservation districts to allow cost share availability for dams, dugout, riparian projects, tree planting, grassed waterways, animal waste management systems and cross fencing.


The Hamlin Conservation District will be applying for three different cost share grants.  Two will be applied for during the fall grant round, which is held in November.  The other grant will be applied for during the next spring grant round, which is held in May 2018.

A Shelterbelt Renovation grant will be applied for this November.  If awarded, this grant would be utilized beginning January 2018 and ending June 30, 2019.  We have seen an increasing interest in renovating shelterbelts in our county.  Many of these belts are past the forty year mark and are no longer serving their purpose of good wind or snow protection.  Shelterbelts will lose their effectiveness due to age, neglect, storm damage, and disease.  The cost to the landowner to renovate a shelterbelt is often prohibitive.  Hamlin Conservation District would like to be able to provide landowners with a cost share option to enable them to proceed with renovations in our county.  This grant would help fund the tearing out of the trees, with the replant process the following year. The excavation and ground prep process would be scheduled for January, 2018 - Sept., 2018.  With the replant process, this includes cost share for the planting and the fabric application, scheduled for May, 2019.  

A Prairie Coteau Watershed Enhancement Project grant will also be applied for this November.  This project will utilize a wide variety of livestock water developments to facilitate improved grazing management throughout the Coteau Area.  Through this grant, we plan to implement grazing management projects that will enhance grassland in these watersheds and play a vital role in supporting high water quality in receiving lakes and streams.  Specific conservation practices to be implemented include pipelines, tanks, pasture pumps, alternative energy water pumps, rural water hook-ups, and shallow wells.  This project is in partnership with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the S.D. Department of Game, Fish and Parks, and the eleven Conservation Districts which comprise the Coteau Area. 

The third grant, which will be applied for next April is a Tree Planting grant.  This grant would help area producer's plant trees and shrubs, cost share the fabric installation, and also help purchase tree tubes for the 2018 spring plantings.  The grant will be used to plant livestock windbreaks, wildlife habitats, riparian buffers, field windbreaks, and enhancing shelterbelts.  Cost share is not allowed on the Farmstead Shelterbelts.  If approved, a producer may receive up to 45% of the cost of the planting, fabric and tree tubes. 

As with any grants awarded to the district through the State of S.D., the cost share will be available to landowners / operators who are not eligible for any other funding through any government programs.

All grants approved are obligated on a first come, first served basis to those who qualify.  If there is interest, please stop in to the office, call (605) 783-3642 x4, or e-mail to  We will get you set up with an application to get your project started.


Contact Information:

Hamlin Conservation District

PO Box 165

Hayti, SD 57241-0165

Phone:  (605) 783-3642 x4

District Board of Supervisors:

Jared Namken, Chairman

Dorene Lemme, Vice-Chair

ames Anderson, Supervisor

Larry Brusse, Supervisor

Danny Limmer, Supervisor

Lenny Saathoff, Advisor

Burton, Tesch, Advisor

District Employees:

Peggy Loomis, District Manager

Alan Swanson, Field Technician

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