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Cost Share & Grants

Cost share offers financial assistance for projects, while grants provide funding opportunities.

Learn more about enhancing your property sustainably through these collaborative initiatives.

Partnerships for Conservation

Conservation accomplishments are achieved through partnerships with external agencies, including the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Hamlin County Farm Service Agency, SD Department of Ag Resource Conservation Forestry Division, and more. These organizations collaborate with conservation districts, enabling cost share availability for various projects, such as dams, dugouts, riparian projects, tree planting, grassed waterways, animal waste management systems, cover crops, and cross fencing.

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Tree Planting Grant Funding

The Hamlin Conservation District has secured grant funding specifically for tree planting projects, offering producers the opportunity for up to 40% cost share on the full project funding. Act now, as this funding is available for immediate utilization and concludes on December 31, 2024.

Shelterbelt Renovation and Planting

Addressing the growing interest in shelterbelt renovation, the district provides cost share options for landowners looking to plant new rows or entirely new belts. Projects such as livestock shelterbelts, wildlife habitats, field windbreaks, and riparian buffers qualify. New seedlings will be planted in the spring of 2024, with cost share covering both planting and fabric application.

Cost Share Eligibility and Application

As with any grants awarded through the State of S.D., cost share is available to landowners/operators not eligible for other government program funding. Not applicable to "farmstead only" plantings, grants are approved on a first-come, first-served basis for qualifying individuals. Interested? Call the office at 605-783-3642 ext. 4 to initiate the application process.

Water Project Grants

While our grant funding for water projects has expired, we've successfully funded the cleaning of stock dams, pasture pipe, and fittings. If you're interested in similar projects, reach out to our office. We're planning to apply for additional grants in the upcoming spring and fall rounds.


Water Quality Grants

Explore our water quality grants, utilizing various livestock water developments to enhance grazing management throughout Hamlin County. These projects contribute to improved grassland in watersheds, supporting high water quality in lakes and streams. Conservation practices include pipelines, tanks, pasture pumps, alternative energy water pumps, rural water hook-ups, and shallow wells. The application process is straightforward – give us a call!

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