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Mission Statement:  The mission of the Hamlin County Conservation District is to assist our county residents in protecting and conserving our natural resources through financial, technical and educational means.

The Hamlin County Conservation District includes all land located in Hamlin County.  The County population is approximately 5,900 people living on the 538 square mile area.  Hayti is the county seat of Hamlin County, which is also where the Hamlin Conservation District office is located.  Activities for the outdoors patrons are abundant in Hamlin County.  There are more than eight lakes scattered throughout the County to choose from when fishing.  Hunting season brings numerous hunters in fall and winter in search of whitetail deer, pheasant, geese, ducks and muskrats.  There are many snowmobile trails and activities to participate in.


Seventy five years ago, the districts were started with some small ideas of what could be done in our counties and we continue to implement ideas today.  Most of what sustains our conservation districts is the tree planting program.  But it's about more than just trees.  It's about stopping soil erosion and maintaining soil health.  It's about wildlife habitat and maintaining healthy grasses and wetland acres.  Water quality issues can be resolved by planting riparian areas or installing pasture pipe for water tanks.  There is so much we continue doing to keep conservation on the ground.


The Hamlin County Conservation District services include tree planting and fabric application.  We install tree tubes for deer and rodent protection.  Rototilling and mowing tree sites are a common practice we offer.  Our drill services include delivering one of our 15' John Deere No Till Drills or the 15' Great Plains Drill.  These are used to plant a wide variety of seeds including beans, wheat, grasses, alfalfa, warm and cool grasses.  We also rent out two 45' Land Rollers.  These are beneficial in diversifying crops by pushing the rocks down without rolling the crop out ahead of it.  Pasture pipe and fittings are sold to enable rotational grazing practices.  Native and garden perennials, including grasses and vines are sold in pots.  These encourage the urban residents to enhance the pollinators in their area through planting beautiful gardens, as well as rural use as additions to their pastures.  We are active in the area schools, with programs for Arbor Day, and Soil Health.  Our district continually searches for grant funding to aid in cost share of our programs.  We give technical advice on all of these services, while working with our partners; Natural Resource Conservation Service, Pheasants Forever, Ducks Unlimited, US Fish & Wildlife Service, SD Game, Fish & Parks, Farm Service Agency, and other agencies.


 Call us at 605-783-3642 for more information or to schedule services.

COVID-19 Information:

Hamlin Conservation District wants to assure you that the safety and health of our constituents, producers, employees, and community continue to be our top priority.  We are fully committed to providing you continued services, while also preventing the spread of COVID-19.  We encourage you to wash hands often, practice social distancing, and wear masks. 

“A town is saved, not more by the righteous men in it than by the woods...that surround it.”

Henry David Thoreau



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Monthly Board Meetings are held on the second Monday at the District Office in Hayti, during the following months:  January, February, April, June, August, October, December.  (Subject to change)

Individuals needing assistance, pursuant to the American with Disabilities Act, should contact the Hamlin Conservation District (605-783-3642), at least 8 hours in advance of the meeting to make any necessary arrangements.



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