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Top 5 Resource Concerns
Hamlin County

1. Water Quality - Excess Chemicals, Manure, and Bio-Solids

Water quality in Hamlin County is a big concern because too many chemicals, manure, and bio-solids are ending up in our water, both underground and on the surface. This includes harmful substances like pathogens and pharmaceuticals. When these pollutants get into our water, it makes the water less safe and limits its use for things like drinking or recreational activities.

Now, why is it crucial to address this concern? Well, when our water quality is compromised, it directly impacts our health and the environment. Contaminated water can make people sick if they drink it or use it for daily activities. It also harms aquatic life and ecosystems. By addressing this concern, we're not just ensuring clean and safe water for ourselves but also preserving the well-being of the entire community and the environment. It's about safeguarding our health and the health of our surroundings.

2. Water Quantity - Runoff, Flooding, or Ponding

When we talk about water quantity in Hamlin County, we're concerned about issues like runoff, flooding, or ponding. This happens when water doesn't absorb into the ground properly, restricting how we can use the land. Runoff can lead to soil erosion, while flooding and ponding can result in a loss of crop productivity. Addressing this concern is vital because it impacts our ability to manage and use the land effectively, affecting both agriculture and the overall landscape.

3. Water Quality - Excess Sediment in Surface Water

Another water-related concern is excess sediment in surface water. This occurs when sediment from erosion (whether it's from sheet, rill, gully, or wind erosion) is transported into surface water. This sediment threatens to degrade the quality of the water, making it less suitable for its intended purposes. Addressing this issue is crucial to maintaining clean and usable water for our community.

4. Soil Erosion - Streambank or Shoreline Erosion

Streambank or shoreline erosion is a concern where sediment from banks or shorelines threatens water quality and land use. This erosion can harm not only the water quality but also infrastructure like roads and utilities, posing a risk to the land itself. By addressing soil erosion, we protect our environment and vital infrastructure.

5. Soil Quality Degradation - Organic Matter Depletion

Another concern is organic matter depletion, meaning the soil lacks enough organic matter to support plant growth, animal habitats, and soil biological activity. Low organic matter levels affect rainfall absorption, water-holding capacity, and fertility. Addressing this issue ensures that our soil remains fertile and conducive to sustainable agricultural practices, benefiting both plants and animals.


Areas of Concern:

Big Sioux River

Lake Poinsett

Set by the Hamlin County Conservation District Board of Supervisors, April 6, 2021.

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